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The Hawaii Insurance Bureau files an advisory rules, forms, loss costs and rating plans for members use. In the state of Hawaii members of an advisory organization are not mandated to file advisory filings. Members also have the ability to amend the filing as to how they wish.

Members obtain the filing information through HIB’s circular system which can be viewed by logging onto the HIB website.

An example of the filing library is below:


Selecting a specific filing will lead the user to the filing detail page. In the filing detail page the user can select and view the circular and filing. Approved filings include an adoption form for members to submit to the insurance division.

Filing Detail

To further assist our members we have a tracking system which allows you to track HIB filings.

For your loss cost filings we provide members with a loss cost spreadsheet which allows users to convert loss costs to their company rates simply be inserting their Hawaii Insurance Division approved Loss Cost Multiplier (LCM).

When possible we provide the rules in an electronic format allowing users to implement into their computer process.

For those who like to keep a paper manual we continue to provide members with a Notice to Manual-holder.

As a member/ website user you can select lines of insurance which you will receive email notifications of new circulars. Circulars are the mechanism which is used to communicate with members of the filing activity. Circulars announce both files going in for approval or filings which have been approved by the Hawaii Insurance Division.

For more information, please call the Customer Service Department at (808) 531-2771 or send an email to CustomerService@hibinc.com

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