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Commercial Property Database

The HIB commercial property database is predominately made up of specifically rated commercial properties for our Fire and Allied members. However, members do occasionally request inspections for class rated buildings. In addition to inspecting the buildings and tenants to develop the loss cost, HIB provides its Fire and Allied members underwriting information, photos of the building and a diagram explaining construction type, exposures and dimensions.

An example of what users see on the website is as follows:

Commercial Property Building

Commercial Property Building Tenant

The commercial property database has the ability to allow the user to select a specific fire and allied loss cost filing which your company has filed with the Hawaii Insurance Division so that you can get the correct loss cost figure. If your building is a class rated building the website will automatically look-up the class loss cost for the user and apply the territory multiplier and PPC multiplier.

For more information, please call the Customer Service Department at (808) 531-2771 or send an email to CustomerService@hibinc.com

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